PA Crane Operators License Law

PA Crane Operator Licenses expire on October 31 of even numbered years.  You can renew your license as the expiration date gets closer by logging onto the PA Crane License website.  The renewal fee is $130.00.

The PA CRANE OPERATORS¬†LICENSE LAW is now in effect. This Law requires all operators of Mobile Cranes of 15 tons or greater and Tower Cranes of 10 meter tons or greater to obtain a license from the State. The CCO certification meets the requirements needed in order to obtain this license. The Law also requires operator trainees to possess a “Trainee License” and be under the direct supervision of a licensed crane operator while operating a crane. To apply for a Trainee license an individual must pass the CCO Written Test for the types of cranes they plan to operate. Trainee registration is valid for one year from the date the Written Test is passed. Details on how to obtain the license are available from the Apprenticeship Program.